Sunday, September 14, 2014

Brief timeline of upcoming LOSSAN projects in San Diego County

A brief list of funded projects with a timeline for construction courtesy of a presentation to LOSSAN (end of the file). With the exception of the Oceanside Transit Center project, they are listed according to estimated year of completion.

-Sorrento Valley double track (1.1 miles of double track, raised track bed, two wooden trestle bridges replaced).
-San Onofre double track Phase 1 (with phase 2 will be 5.8 miles of double track and wooden trestle bridge replacement).
-Construction starts on third track, additional platform, lengthened platform at Oceanside Transit Center.

-Poinsettia station replaces at grade pedestrian crossing with an undercrossing and an inter-track fence, 15" platforms.

-Los Peñasquitos Lagoon Bridges Replacement (four wooden trestle bridges replaced, allows increased speed)

-Elvira to Morena (2.6 miles of double track and curve realignment).
-San Diego River Bridge (0.9 miles of double track, new double tracked bridge over San Diego River).


  1. What is this about 15" platforms? Did CPUC finally relent on their stupid clearance rules and allow level-ish boarding? And after 2018, there will be long stretches of double track all the way from San Diego to Miramar and from the county line to just north of Oceanside, which will all hopefully allow for more efficient service. But none of this does anything at all to address the biggest bottleneck on the line, which is the long single track with lots of 40 mph running through San Clemente.

    1. They're seeking a waiver from CPUC for the 15" platforms.


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