Friday, February 15, 2013

Coast Starlight ridership jumps 19.3% in January

Ridership and revenue information for January is now available.

I am absolutely astounded at the ridership and revenue gains for the Coast Starlight and am at a loss to explain them. There wasn't a disruption last January that would explain it and in fact the Starlight had gain of 7.6% in ridership last January, though with a 2.2% drop in revenue.


Pacific Surfliner +4.3%
Coast Starlight +19.3%
Capital Corridor -2.6%
San Joaquin +7.3%
Amtrak +3.1%
Metrolink 3.5%
Coaster 1.0%


Pacific Surfliner +9.9%
Coast Starlight +20.1%
Capital Corridor -0.1% (according to CCJPA)
San Joaquin +2.7%
Amtrak +9.5%

On time performance

LOSSAN-North 94.9%
LOSSAN-South 90.4%
LOSSAN Overall 89.5%
Metrolink OC 97.2%
Metrolink VC 97.5%
Coaster 97.4%

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