Saturday, August 11, 2012

The problem with American passenger railroading summed up in one quote

NJ Transit officials told the Journal that Clever Commute’s information contained “gross inaccuracies” and wasn’t providing a truly helpful service for commuters.

“Unbelievably, the operator of this website infers that NJ Transit customers are rational enough to receive this information, even if it is inaccurate,” said John Durso Jr., the railroad’s spokesman. “Here at NJ Transit, we place a premium on accuracy.”

NJT cuts off train platform information to developers.

Probably 90% of the non-regulatory issues with American passenger rail can be attributed to the fact that the companies and agencies involved assume that their customers are idiots. It's an entirely unwarranted assumption and one that really hurts them in the long run for the obvious reason that it results in poor customer service and retention.

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  1. Entirely unwarranted assumption?

    Uh, you have not met the average American. I have spent my entire life discovering that people are stupider than I thought, over and over again.


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