Saturday, March 10, 2012

Metrolink ticket utility will change in June

From LA Metro's blog The Source comes word on possible changes due to MetroRail locking down their gates:

EZ Transit and Metrolink passes will be TAP-enabled or will no longer be valid for transfer onto the Metro Rail system. (NOTE: Paper fare media can remain valid for bus transfers.)

I greatly hope that the option taken will be one of TAP enabling Metrolink passes rather than rendering them non-valid. In addition to maintaining the current great utility of permitting free transfers to MetroRail and avoiding the inevitable issues with customer relations when this turns on, should TAP readers be placed aboard Metrolink trains as well, this would enhance the flexibility of the system for all current TAP users, who could now debit from their card rather than purchase an additional paper ticket, as well as encourage the adoption of TAP cards by surrounding agencies such as OCTA.

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