Friday, November 30, 2012

October sees a large gain in Surfliner ridership

This isn't too surprising however since it was down fairly significantly last October, dropping 7.3% compared to October 2010. Ridership will be going up for sometime simply because of large drops that last year sustained from track work.

Surfliner +6.9%
Starlight +9.7%
Capitol Corridor -0.3%
San Joaquin +12.6%
Nationally +0.4%
Metrolink +13.8%
COASTER +10.1%

Ridership declines in September and increases in October for Metrolink and COASTER are partially explained by two fewer weekdays in September but two extra weekdays in October.


Surfliner +13.5%
Starlight +8.1%
Capitol Corridor +5.2%
San Joaquin +7.0%
Nationally +3.4%

Surfliner OTP remained above 80% for the second month in a row, averaging 82.5% overall; 92.3% for LOSSAN North and 84.3% for LOSSAN South. This still has a large room for improvement to meet with Metrolink and COASTER OTP even without taking into consideration the stricter metrics for commuter on time performance.

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