Friday, January 4, 2013

November ridership and revenue up on Surfliner plus F&B information

November information released


Surfliner +8.6%
Starlight +7.5%
Capitol Corridor -1.8%
San Joaquin +13.7%
Nationally -2.7%
Metrolink +4.4%


Surfliner +16.6%
Starlight +5.7%
Capitol Corridor +3.5%
San Joaquin +10.8%
Nationally -0.4%

On-time performance
LOSSAN North: 87.3%
LOSSAN South: 84.5%
Overall Surfliner: 85.3%
Metrolink VC: 97.7%
Metrolink OC: 96.0%
Metrolink all lines: 96.1%
Coaster: 98.1%

A brief presentation is available regarding Food and Beverage service on the Pacific Surfliner, including the top sellers (mostly alcoholic beverages); sales, revenue, and margin percentages by category; and "revenue by train couplets." I'm not certain why these five trains were singled out for revenue (amounting to $4,451,073); I suspect that it will be addressed in the actual presentation on January 10th.

Given that all of the trains listed are morning trains, and the high percentage of revenue that alcoholic drinks comprise (28% plus an undefined portion of business class' 35%), I would expect a substantially higher amount of revenue per train from the evening trains.

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