Wednesday, July 4, 2012

All Aboard Florida wants to average 100mph?

So says this article that they host on their website:

The All Aboard trains would run on 200 miles of existing tracks from Miami to Cocoa, and then on 40 miles of new track to Orlando. Christine Barney, CEO and managing partner of RBB Public Relations in Coral Gables and an FECI spokeswoman, has said that several routes are under consideration for the 40-mile section.
Eventually, the system could be expanded with connections to Tampa and Jacksonville.
Barney said the goal is for the trains to average 100mph, with speeds generally faster in rural areas than in urban areas.

I really do hope that this was either a misquotation or a misspeak, because it really blows their credibility out of the water otherwise. Without electrification, multiple units, and a high power to weight ratio, that's not a doable proposition. Since it would entail shaving half an hour off of the schedule that's been talked about before (which itself may be somewhat optimistic), I do believe that this was a mistake on someone's part.

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  1. I'm guessing from the context that he meant top speed of 100 mph, because the next sentence compares it to "high speed trains" which "sometimes reach 200 mph."


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