Wednesday, January 25, 2012

New CAHSRA board chairman claims a surprise in the revised business plan

Quoth Dan Richard:

Rail Mix — I’m in an eighth-floor office at 770 L St. on a blustery day chatting with the bluster-free Dan Richard. Since Richard is the new board chairman of the California High Speed Rail Authority , I ask him if the new-and-improved business plan that Gov. Jerry Brown wants on his desk any minute now will have any surprises in it. “Yes, there’s a very big surprise,” Richard says, calmly removing his classes and rubbing his eyes. And that is…? “I think it will surprise everyone that we’ve actually listened to our critics for a change,” he says with a fraction of a smile. About what, specifically? “We simply can’t ignore urban areas when we build this thing,” he says.

A return to the bookends perhaps? Or perhaps a straight build to IOS rather than ICS? His background doesn't fill me with too much confidence, certainly it won't be anything half as sensible as Clem's proposals.


  1. My guess: BART around the Bay comes and "saves the day."

  2. Wait, isn't BART already "around the bay"...?

    1. Ringing the bay, that is. As in Clem's cynical post


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